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The main area of LARGEO processing activity has been Russia. However, over the last time the volume of foreign data, processed by LARGEO, has considerably increased. The company's client base includes RosNeft, LUKOIL, Sibneft, Ritek, Yukos, ONGC, SHELL, Gaither Petroleum and other Russian and foreign Oil and Gas companies.

Within last two years LARGEO has performed more then 20 integrated seismic data processing, modeling and interpretation projects. The company has extensive experience in marine data processing, including on-board at-sea jobs. With the tools and experience to handle difficult multicomponent seismic processing challenges, our staff has processed 2D and 3D data acquired under different geological conditions, including permafrost (Western Siberia),over-thrusts (Komi AR, Sakhalin) and transition zones (Gulf of Ob), and complex fault systems (Northern Sakhalin).

Areas of LARGEO Processing Activities

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