Integrated interpretation

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LARGEO provides integrated interpretation of geological and geophysical data, including structural interpretation and reservoir analysis.

Structural Interpretation

  • Geological interpretation of well data
  • Well-log to seismic ties and structural interpretation of seismic data sets
  • Seismic sequence analysis, identification, positioning and detailed mapping of faults, subsurface geological mapping of target areas

Reservoir Analysis

  • Number of AVO and Inversion techniques: 
    • Inversions (acoustic, elastic, spectral, stochastic)
    • Seismic attributes analysis o AVO analysis and modeling
    • Post-stack inversion o Probabilistic Bayesian lithology / fluid classification
  • Seismic facies analysis
  • Developing of reservoir model including the spatial distribution of important petrophysical parameters, such as lithology, permeability, porosity, saturation
  • Assessment of reservoir parameters and volumetric through integrated reservoir studies using seismic facies classification, seismic inversions, AVO and seismic attribute analysis

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