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We can only see a short distance ahead, but we can see plenty there that needs to be done.

This quote by Alan Turing is today as relevant as when it was originally ushered, especially when applied to computer sciences. The role of A.I. and machine learning on geoscience and engineering is only just getting started. In order to stay on top of EAGE’s projects and events on this, we are launching this new dedicated newsletter. Jump on board and make sure to keep in the know!

Define Future of Energy at EAGE Digital 2020

A new era has begun. Digitalization means change in every industry and enterprise, for everyone. Maintaining the status quo is not an option and rigid organizations will face difficult times. Your participation in this conference is an important step towards recognizing the challenge and getting ready for potential solutions. The First EAGE Digitalization Conference and Exhibition will run from 30 November to 3 December in Vienna, Austria and will support digitalization by harnessing learnings from the energy and other industries, by addressing three major topics: Leadership, Technology and Business.
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Step Into Data Science through EAGE Interactive Online Short Courses

Applying machine learning to our workflows in petrophysics, rock physics, seismic processing, reservoir characterization, etc. results in more speed, efficiency and consistency over traditional methods of data analysis. Through this course, entry-level practitioners are invited to explore the basic principles of machine learning and some of the most widely used algorithms, familiarizing with the flexibility of coding in Python. You can join this hands-on training online on 24-25 September with Dr. Ehsan Naeini.

Add Machine Learning Tools to Your Portfolio

An engaging Practical Sessions Week will anticipate EAGE’s First Online Conference on Machine Learning in Latin America. From 14-17 July, 15:00-19:00 CEST (8:00-12:00 CDT) you can join a hands-on programme including data foundation, materials and exercises on real scenarios. Sessions on GPN ML & DS will offer delegates the tools to develop new skills in the Digital Transformation era. As an added benefit, all those who participate in these sessions can register for the Online Conference (scheduled on 23-24 September) for a small additional fee.

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More opportunities are flowing from the Online Machine Learning Conference in Latin America: a workshop dedicated to Applied Data-Science ML for O&G will be hosted by TIBCO on 13 August, 16:00-20:00 CEST (9:00-13:00 CDT)! Through this 4-hour programme, participants will work towards the creation of a Spotfire app based on R/Python scripts from zero. Here is a preview of the content:
  1. Create a production dashboard
  2. Applied ML example: Map Contour
  3. Applied Machine learning: K-means and regression Modeling
  4. Applied Machine Learning: DCA Example
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Introducing the First Digital Subsurface Conference for Asia Pacific

We are delighted to announce that we have decided to fully switch our upcoming conference to a health-conscious virtual event that promises an insightful knowledge-exchange opportunity! The aim is to provide a versatile platform for sharing the latest on the digital subsurface domain. This event will showcase digital subsurface studies and workflows enabled by data science and delivered by a workforce equipped to handle next generation E&P. Highlights include an interactive virtual panel session hosting an open discussion on successes and pitfalls of Subsurface Digital Workflow Initiatives! Join us on 7-9 September!
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Coders Welcome

Joining one of our upcoming meetings? Make sure to bring fresh ideas and a fast laptop with you to our upcoming digitalization events, as we've got a range of challenging hackathons! First up: the Subsurface Citizen Data Scientists hackathon at Digital 2020. Read up on the challenge and scope here.

The 2021 Awards Await Your Nominations

Every year EAGE presents Awards in recognition of the contributions and scientific advancements of its members worldwide. Highlighting talents in new applications is a great way to support developments in the scientific community and to foster multidisciplinary connections. So whether it is a senior or an early career scientist, if you know a colleague who deserves an award, you can nominate him or her for one of the EAGE Awards.
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Join the Network of EAGE A.I. Professionals

Did you know that EAGE has a special interest group dedicated to Artificial Intelligence? The A.I. Committee encourages knowledge transfer and actively supports initiatives by the community. One way we do so is by sharing weekly advice on the most relevant resources that can help you approach A.I. and stay up-to-date in this rapidly evolving field. Take a look at this week’s news and join the community via LinkedIn!

The 14th Middle East Geosciences Conference & Exhibition.

For 26 years, the GEO exhibition and conference has been at the forefront of petroleum geoscience.

GEO has fast become a next generation energy event, hosting major NOCs, IOCs, manufacturers, technology providers and service companies – all of whom play an active role in the global energy value chain.

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