The 76th EAGE Conference & Exhibition 2014

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The 76th EAGE Conference & Exhibition 2014 held from 16 to 19 June in Amsterdam, which gathered the leading market participants of the market exploration, as innovators of geological and geophysical technologies as implementers, which improve them during field acquisitions and laboratory studies.

The European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers (EAGE) is aimed to unite geoscientists from around the world for solution fundamental geophysical challenges, adopting them to modern communications. This EAGE contribution in process of reduction energy consumption from traditional hydrocarbon fuels and improvement planet ecology.

During exhibition, there were many meetings

with experts and partners at the stand of “LARGEO” for cooperation and exchange of experience about application of new technologies, future and accomplished projects.

An annual EAGE conference is a prestigious and authoritative platform for exchanging information about new achievements in geophysical studies among scientists and specialists, including survey design, field acquisitions, data processing and interpretation.

So specialists of Group of Companies “LARGEO” choose EAGE Conference for presentation of their results at the stand of partner ION GXT. It’s technologies have applied, successfully in data processing and interpretation projects in Russia.

Speakers of reports:

Dmitriy Myasoedov - "Overview. Interpretation technologies"

Leonid Gurvich - "Application of advanced processing technologies on marine seismic data in LARGEO (Russia)"

Alexey Nosov - “GXT technologies for processing marine seismic data in Russia”


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